Thursday, 17 December 2009

Walking, Section 3: Between One and Another, Chapter 3 | Art and Architecture: A Place Between, Jane Rendell

Movement Through Space

The design of buildings based on predetermined routes


Mobius House (UN Studio) - designed around a flexible program where daily activities can take place at any point on either of the two routes

Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgard - visitor is immersed in continuous movement of shifting orientations and crossed viewpoints

As we walk through a space:

we engage with concepts and experiences of place, space and site

we relate one location to another

we rethink place as unfixed and as site performed

the subject is temporarily positioned in motion between a series of scenes

new connections are made physically and conceptually over time and through space

past happenings and future imaginings are brought into the present

understanding sites in flux

encounter sites in motion and in relation to one another

Spaces/places seem different on whether we are walking to them/ walking away from them

Focused vision confronts us in the world

Peripheral vision envelopes us in the world

Gain an experience of the space

Shifting perspectives

By intervening and moving though a site, walking proposes a design method that enables one to imagine beyond the present condition without freezing possibility into form.

Pace, constant motion, moving from one thing to another, engaging only in passing

Spatial stories - narrative relationships between spaces, time and subjects

Installation art and sculpture that needs and embraces human exploration and meandering in order to be fully recognised.


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