Friday, 18 December 2009

Projection Experiments

To understand how projection works I decided to carry out a few simple experiments.

Projecting image of room within room

  • Experimenting with reality and representation.
  • Recording the effects of positioning objects within the projected space.
The fireplace appears to have had a block cut out of it and slid forward into the space. In reality the fireplace remains intact and its outline is vaguely visible in this image. it is purely the projected image which has been manipulated.

Projecting a grid within room

  • Experimenting with giving an object a new identity through projection.
By placing the block in the stream of the projected grid, the projection is manipulated around the object and gains a completely new idenity in its own right.

Projecting a grid on to screen
  • Experimenting with the form of the surface to which the image is projected on to.

The projected light rays remain constant, whilst the screen is bent, twisted and curved in different directions. Subsequently the image is splayed over the surface. Interestingly, each captured image is a different colour.

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