Thursday, 17 December 2009

Interactive Movement Model

This model was originally inspired by the extract I chose from Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier and the ever-changing winding pathway she finds herself exploring as she advances.

Each time I have presented this model, I have taken it out of my bag and put it on the table, attaching any tabs that have broken free. Therefore everytime I present it it takes up a different form, presenting a different spatial pathway. There is a physical interactive necessity with this object.

The model has quite a dynamic appearance, as you look down the internal space the object forms, there is a sense of movement.

Feedback Discussion

  • Lots of different slots?

- Number them, can I record the different configurations?

  • A surrounding space?

- Interact with the body

- A piece of architectural clothing

  • Does it turn into something as it changes?
  • Different sized strips?
  • What is it like when unattached and laid flat?
  • Suspended?
  • Push / pull strips and it gradually tightens
  • Do not necessarily treat it as a piece of architecture
  • Maybe a film is visible at the end and changes as th object changes?
  • Changes colour?
  • Gradually closes up?
  • What happens to surrounding space?
  • Record how one person explores a space in comparison to another

Writing Workshop

Approaching this object it is hard to make out what it is, how it works and its meaning. It is asking me to explore the object. As I start participating with it, interactng with it, it moves, creating spaces for the mind to explore. I continue to push, pull, tighten, turn, twist, stretch the components until I am fully engrosed in this space. I’ve created my own exploration of this space, taken my pathway, it is a product of my imprint on the object. I reset my space to the object and walk away, leaving it for the next participant to explore and mould into a new environment.


I have decided to take a step back from this idea of a physically interactive object involving movement. I felt this model was entering down a very open ended pathway without a defined objective.

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