Friday, 18 December 2009

Train Journey | Clapham Junction-Waterloo-Clapham Junction

When thinking about what to project on to the screen I decided upon a film which encompassed a lot of movement.

I thought that a train journey was particularly relevant because when you are sat on a train, you are moving, but as the surrounding sites rush by besides you, you feel static, and the surroundings appear to be moving. This is confused when trains rush by at different speeds, are you moving are you not?

This is a juxtaposition of movement and stillness where the boundary between them is confused and the static appears moving and moving appears still.

I took a train journey from Clapham Junction to Waterloo and back to Clapham Junction. On my journey I held the video camera to the window and filmed the passing suroundings of the journey.

I thought I could then play this on a loop as a continual journey, backwards and forwards, projected onto the screen. I have speeded the movie up to exaggerate the fast pace and constantly changing scenes.

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