Monday, 12 April 2010

Filming Device Analysis

Below is some of the analysis I have produced from one of the films I captured with the filming device (I advise clicking on the image to view it in a larger format):

The film lasted 37 seconds and 11 frames. The camera I was using captured 25 frames per second. The montaged images on the right-handside show the entire space captured by the camera, from the start when the camera commenced spinning (when the camera was at the bottom of the space) to the finish when the camera stopped spinning (when the camera was at the top of the stairwell). In total the camera spun through 13.5 loops, I have illustrated the total loop time of each of the rotations graphically in the centre of the page. The graph illustrates that at the start and end of the experiment the loop time was longer, whereas during the middle (majority) of the experiment, the device had built up a fairly regular speed, spinning at a rate of roughly 2 seconds / loop. I have then illustrated a number of points on the graph with lines which radiate out from the point, each one of the lines represents a frame captured during that specific 360 degree rotation, ie. during the first loop, the camera took 6 seconds and 21 frames to complete a full 360 degree rotation, at 25 frames per second this constitutes to 171 frames, therefore I have drawn 171 equally spaced lines radiating out from the central point. On the left-hand side I have illustrated the various heights covered as the camera spiralled up through the space. Along side this I have montaged some of the frames captured at the various heights. These photographs show clearly the effects of the speed of the movement of the camera in blurring the space to various extents.

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