Thursday, 1 April 2010

Autostadt Volkswagen Pavillion

During my tour of the CarTowers I was informed of another Volkswagen Pavilion dedicated entirely to screening volkswagen short films in a large sphere.

The following is a description from the Technical Director of the film projections:

'I was commissioned as Technical Director to design and implement the technology for the Bentley and VW Pavilion at Autostadt in Wolfsburg - home of VW. As part of this I designed and implemented a projection and controlled system for the inside of a sphere. The screen area was 360 degrees by 220 degrees with a single seamless moving picture. This was synchronised with sound lighting and the building systems. I had to develop and implement a strategy for the film production using SoftImage and Shake, as four video projectors were required to create the seamless moving image.

The ‘Spirit of Evolution’ theme is expressed throughout the Volkswagen Pavilion at Autostadt through a choreographed 10 minute cycle of animated architecture, immersive media and lighting, all synchronised around a panoramic 360° show contained within the ‘floating’ sphere auditorium. A trilogy of films explores the ‘Spirit of Evolution’ within nature, within mankind and ultimately, within Volkswagen itself.'

This is a short clip of film captured whilst in the Volkswagen Pavilion sphere. The first 3 seconds were the most captivating and of relevance, twisting through a corkscrew roller coaster with the world spiralling and rotating around the viewers, made even more astounding by the use of four projectors to fully fill the viewers field of vision.

The animated architecture of the Volkswagen Pavilion:

Image from Iain Dall Creative Design website

Rotating louvre system

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