Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Projection Ideas

Attaching the projector to the filming mechanism in place of the camera

Achieving a way of rotating the image around the room - the problem with rotating a projector is that the wires will get twisted up. The images below show an idea of using a mirror situated at 45 degrees to the projector lens. The image is projected into the mirror and thus reflected on to the wall, therefore through rotating the mirror on its axis the image is projected around the room. There would also be a point where the image is projected through a piece of red perspex and therefore the image would have a red glow - relating back to the red sector in the lantern room.
I tested this method and although it did work, the image itself rotates as it is rotated around the room - an interesting effect but not quite sure its what I am trying to achieve.

Further research has been into using a portable projector which has a battery source built into it and therefore doesn't need to be plugged into the mains which eliminates the problem of the wires. Alternatively there is the option to use a rotating display unit with a slip ring.

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