Thursday, 15 July 2010

Filming Device: Quick mock-up model

In order to test my idea I put together a quick sketch model of the workings of the filming device from various scrap pieces I found around the workshop and at home. The model is mostly made from aluminium due to the light weight properties of the material. A cotton reel and homemade foam board wheel (of different sizes) are used as the pulleys, which are connected by a rubber band. A large single ratio motor gearbox is run off a 9V battery source, which puts the device into action. The camera would be affixed to the underside of the lower aluminium element at one end. The device would be suspended from the upper aluminium element.
Mock up model of the Filming Device

The film below shows the device in action. I have marked the location of the camera with a pink spot. If you watch the movements of this spot, it is noticeable that due to the two aluminium elements rotating at different speeds, the location of the pink spot / camera varies its location from being directly underneath the motor to being at the outermost reach from the centre, whilst in a spiral motion. Therefore giving a zooming effect of a camera whilst spiralling.

The mock up model in action

Watching the device in action it achieves the movements I am trying to captured. It is noticeable that the larger pulley wheel starts to tilt as the band slips up the shaft. Therefore it is going to be essential to make sure these elements remain horizontal. The speed of the motor is also too fast, this is noticeable in the camera footage captured below. I have since acquired a speed regulator. The speed could also be reduced if the size of the pulleys were increased. Counterweighting also needs to be addressed.

Footage captured by camera

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