Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hurst Point Lighthouse Films

Hurst Point Lighthouse Light

Hurst Point Lighthouse Light from Charlotte Greenleaf on Vimeo.

The first film in the series concerns the light characteristics of Hurst Point Lighthouse which I filmed within and the Needles Lighthouse which is in the distance (which was simulated with a flash light).

Hurst Point Lighthouse: 4 flashes every 15 seconds
Needles Lighthouse: 2 flashes every 20 seconds (Light 14 seconds, Eclipse 2 seconds, Light 2 seconds, Eclipse 2 seconds)

The film is in real time with the four flashes of Hurst Point occurring, then during the eclipse of the Hurst Point Lighthouse the light characteristics of the Needles are visible in the distance. Due to the fact that the light time cycle for Hurst Point is 15 seconds where as the Needles is 20 seconds, during this 1 minute film, the light characteristics of the Needles will be captured at altering times through its cycle.

The Needles Lighthouse is visible on the horizon upturned by the lens.

Hurst Point Lighthouse Spiral Staircase

This film concerns the spiral staircase which ascends the internal walls of the lighthouse up to the Service Room and Lantern Room. The captured footage has been manipulated to accentuate the circular form of the structure and the ascent in height. The staircase is the visual focus of the space and thus it becomes the focus of the film, duplicated, flipped and reversed to create a spiralling perspective of the space.

Hurst Point Lighthouse View

The film involves footage of the visible view from the Lantern Room over the seas the lamp of the lighthouse constantly guides vessels through. This is a continuous pan of the view through the lens, relating back to the rotational mechanisms of the lenses.

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