Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Filming Device: Leonardo Da Vinci inspired

I have been studying the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci in order to try and work out the intended movements I need the filming mechanism to carry out. In particular I have been looking at his flying machines.

The camera movements I intend to achieve are as follows (also illustrated in a previous post):
  • Vertical descent / ascent
  • Spiralling motion incorporating zoom
  • Tilting
  • Speed control
Front Elevation

Side Elevation

3D Drawing


How the mechanism works:
There is a series of cogs and wheels at the top of the mechanism which would be attached to a platform / landing. As the outermost cog is turned by hand, it causes the large wheel to turn which in turn causes the reels to twist and thus the ropes of the mechanism are unwound, descending the camera through the space. The difference in diameter of the two reels which are attached to the wing in two places means that as the wing is lowered, the orientation of the wing lowers at a different rate and therefore the camera tilts with the orientation of the wing. I was hoping that his design would incorporate the twisting of the mechanism in a spiral descent, however unfortunately this would not be achieved with this set up.

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