Monday, 1 February 2010

Stitching the void - Patrick Keane

I came across an article titled Stitching the Void in Australian Design Review, concerning an installation by Enter Architecture in the atrium of Customs House Sydney.

'The installation addresses an idea of multidimensional space: so dynamic that we are drawn into it and compelled to remain in motion in order to capture the entire complexity of the work.'

'Stitching the void has no front or back, top or bottom, hence turning our conventions of how we perceive the entities around us upside down and enticing us to move not only linearly through the city, but in multiple directions.'

'The art piece exerts an invisible control on the flow and activity in and around Customs House with its dynamic gestures, animating the neighbourhood and utilising architecture as its vehicle for movement.'

Image from City of Sydney website

The relevance for the inclusion of this artwork lies in its ability to encourage, embrace and consider movement through space in both a horizontal and vertical direction.

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