Thursday, 28 January 2010


I have edited some of the previous footage from the Movement film I made in Ikea. This is the spiralling ramp which the customer drives up into the car park. I have duplicated the footage, and included a sense of gravity to the footage, through speed of motion. As the camera winds further and further up through the space, it get harder and harder, and slower and slower, at the top, the camera is then released and gradually builds up speed as it falls. The idea is for this footage to play on continuous loop, to emphasise a continual spiralling motion, and the loss of orientation one can experience when going through such a motion. I think the success of this film lies in the effective connection between content, form and media in the notion of the loop from the spiral.

Note: The footage for this film was simply captured by placing a camera on the dashboard of the car as the car was driven up the spiralling ramp.

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